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    Delta and Virgin Atlantic Announce Trans-Atlantic Partnership

    by  • December 11, 2012 • Airlines • 1 Comment

    Virgin Atlantic Airways and Delta Air Lines announced today that they have formed an agreement for a new alliance that will further increase both of the airlines’ already extensive Trans-Atlantic networks. This alliance will increase competition with other airlines on the hundreds of Trans-Atlantic flights each day, meaning passengers will receive cheaper fares and...

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    Delta to Shut Down Comair

    by  • July 27, 2012 • Airlines • 0 Comments

    Comair Bombardier CRJ-100 at Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta (Photo by Kyle Dunst)

    Delta Air Lines has announced that it plans to get rid of it’s Regional Carrier, Comair. The company has already sent letters of termination to its employees. The reason for the shut down is said to be due to the company’s switch from small regional jets to larger mainline jets. Delta will be acquiring...

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    DC-9, MD-80, B717: What’s the difference?

    by  • July 9, 2012 • Manufacturers • 22 Comments

    To the untrained eye, the three aircraft pictured below might look like they are the exact same type. Unless you are a serious aviation enthusiast, you probably can’t tell the difference between them at first glance. If you have ever wondered what the differences are between the Douglas DC-9, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, and the...

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    50 States in 30 Days

    by  • June 27, 2012 • Airlines • 6 Comments

    You may have heard of “Mark On AirTran” a few years back when a man spent a month straight on an airliner in order to get over his fear of flying, all while staying connected with the world via his blog and social media. I, Kyle Dunst, will be doing something along those lines...

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    The State With No Commercial Flights

    by  • June 25, 2012 • Airports • 13 Comments

    With the thousands of flights that operate in and out of our nation’s airports every day, the thought of an entire state not seeing a single commercial flight seems absurd. The truth is, however, that only 49 of the United States see scheduled airline service. The state of Delaware is the only one in...

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    Delta’s LaGuardia Expansion

    by  • December 18, 2011 • Airlines • 0 Comments

    The once largest airline in the world has announced big plans for its future at LaGuardia. Delta Airlines has released it’s plans to add over 100 daily flights to almost 30 new destinations from New York’s downtown airport. The planned expansion will allow Delta to compete directly with United Continental and American in one...

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