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  1. Tom Housworth Tom Housworth
    December 3, 2012    

    Hey Kyle,

    Have missed your blog updates…..you must be busy up there @ Auburn.
    You’ve got an excellent site…..encourage you to keep it going!


  2. Jennifer Doherty Jennifer Doherty
    April 4, 2013    

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    Thanks and regards,

  3. Williams Barry Williams Barry
    October 1, 2013    


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    I sincerely hope your reply is in the positive.

    Williams Barry

  4. paul coulter paul coulter
    June 5, 2015    

    Really enjoyed this piece. Will be in Berlin and Germany next April with a group celebrating Martin Luther’s 500th anniversary. Last time I was there was in 1965 when traveling as a student on a shoestring trying to see as much of Europe as I could before running out of money. Spent a day in East Berlin ingressing/egressing Check Point Charlie thru the wall. Am looking forward to seeing a very different Berlin and as an aviation enthusiast will add Templehoff to my list of must-sees during my stay there.

    Thanks for putting this together for all to share!


  5. Denise Kuenzel Denise Kuenzel
    June 8, 2015    

    Hi Kyle, enjoyed seeing your present day pix of my old stomping grounds. I was stationed at Tempelhof from 1986-1990 during the fall of the wall. If you would like to see my pix of Tempelhof from back then, feel free to contact me directly. I have photos of us playing basketball and volleyball in that gym. We have all kinds of pix all over that place. Thx again for the update. While most of my buddies have been back since we’ve left, I have yet to see Berlin since 1990 🙁

  6. richard richard
    June 8, 2015    

    I was stationed in Berlin for extended periods in late 60’s and early 70’s, and lived for a period in the US Air Force barracks located in Tempelhof. The US Army had some aviation activities there, largely UH-1 perimeter patrols, but the facility and military presence was
    Air Force. There was a base operating group, but the primary unit was USAFSS. The basketball court, a bowling alley on the fifth floor, a library, and a very active NCO Club and Officers Club were all on the premises. Across the street (Columbiadamm) still stands what was
    the base theater. USAFSS operations were for a time in the very end of the building where the radar dome can be seen. Took up several floors there. A second facility was constructed in an area of Berlin called Marienfelde near what was then the border with E. Berlin. Nothing exists of that huge facility now except the mound of WWII rubble that it was constructed on.

    • Deborah Spadafore Solove Deborah Spadafore Solove
      July 10, 2016    

      My husband was stationed in West Berlin in 1970- 71 with the USAFSS. He was at the marienfelde facility you mention, but I worked for the Officer’s Club at Tempelhof. I worked there for a year when I was 21. I was in the second sub-basement (as I recall, there were 6 layers of basements). There was a sunken garden outside windows near the ceiling so we got a little daylight. I shared an office with my German boss, and two other employees-one from Sri Lanka (then Ceylon, I think) and one from Ireland. I have an Air Force photo of Tempelhof that hung on our wall. When we were there, the base commander was the pilot who dropped candy bars on Berlin during the airlift. I saw him honored on TV in 2014 – he was still alive then – Gail Halvorsen. I remember a gym, a library and a language classroom. I think they were all at Templehof. I remember being terrified of the elevator. It was basically a one person continuous conveyor belt and you had to jump off because it didn’t stop!! Does anyone else remember it?? The enlisted men’s swim club was at the end of a runway fed by a spring I think. Unbelievable, but true. The planes would back up to the pool fence, rev their engines and take off. Ear splitting. While I was there, the Air Force landed a C5A in order to have a party to celebrate something- maybe Halvorsen’s leaving? — I don’t remember. Anyway, the runways were so short and the surrounding buildings so close, no one was sure it could take off. I remember watching them take out everything but the pilot’s seats to lighten the plane. We all watched with baited breath when it took off and barely cleared 6 story apartment buildings at the end of the runway. Instead of mowing the grass, they tethered goats or sheep (I can’t remember which) around the runways. This is all so long ago, yet as clear as yesterday to me. The Berlin wall fell on my son’s birthday. My daughter eventually went to Berlin, arriving by train, not flying into the airport. I’m not sure I even told her these things. Thanks for the pictures Kyle. I did not know the airport was no longer operational. I would think they would use it for general avaition at least.

  7. Barry Cantor Barry Cantor
    October 24, 2015    

    Dear Kyle: A friend sent my your blog about Templehof Central Airport. I enjoyed it very much. I’m a retired USAF broadcaster and was assigned to AFN Berlin 1984-90. I go back to Berlin every 2 years or so to visit friends. One friend, Mike Hoth is VP of the Berlin Historical Association. He invited me and another USAF friend of mine to visit Oct 30th, 2008 the day TCA closed down. We were on a C-54 that flew in the blockade. It was one of the last flights out of TCA the day it closed down. Our photos were on the front page of the BZ the next day. What memories…..

    Barry Cantor, MSgt, USAF retired

  8. john murdoch john murdoch
    September 25, 2016    

    Hi ,Kyle
    I`m coming over to montreal next week on vacation and wondered if you have any pointers on spotting at montreal
    cheers john.

  9. james glezen james glezen
    December 13, 2016    

    was assigned to Templehof AirBase from Nov 88-Jan90. Templehof Air Base was used by both the US Army & the US Air Force. If at Eagle Square, the left side was the American side & the right side was used by the W.Berlin govt for offices. We used to have a German civilian who worked at Templehof. 2-3 times a month he used to take us in a elevator go down 4 levels below the street & give us a guided tour of the tunnels & bomb shelters. During the summer we used to climb up to the roof using one of the 13 stairwells & have beer parties. One of my duties was to put up the American flag at the Airlift Memorial at 8Am & take it down at 5PM.

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