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    Feel free to contact me anytime. I am always looking for new ideas for posts and articles. I am always open to having guest bloggers if you have a story to share with the aviation world. If you have a photo that you’re particularly proud of, just send it to me with any information you want to go along with it and I’ll be sure to add it to the photo gallery, or even feature it on the site header.

    Kyle Dunst

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    1. Tom Housworth
      December 3, 2012 at 6:28 am

      Hey Kyle,

      Have missed your blog updates…..you must be busy up there @ Auburn.
      You’ve got an excellent site…..encourage you to keep it going!


    2. Jennifer Doherty
      April 4, 2013 at 1:19 am

      I was just going through some travel related sites and blogs and came across your site (thirtythousand.us) too. I really found it interesting and informative. I am working and associated with many sites as a content writer and I write articles on various topics of Travel like: Travel, Fun, Lifesyle, Fun and holiday, Holiday Plans, family holiday, adventure holiday, walking holiday, cycling holiday plan etc. I really liked the way you have presented your site. I would love to do a “Guest Post” for your site like I did for other sites without charging you a penny. :)
      It would be great to be a part of reputed site like yours.
      I guarantee you that the article will be 100% copyscape protected and will be of around 500 words. There will be “dofollow” links for my site. I am not interested in any kind of sponsored fees.
      Contact me at writerjennifer.doherty@gmail.com.Looking forward for a positive reply. :)

      Thanks and regards,

    3. Williams Barry
      October 1, 2013 at 6:15 am


      My name is Williams Barry. I am an aeronautical engineer with more than thousand hours of flying under my belt. Presently, I work as a freelance consultant advising airline companies on how to improve and grow their business. Aviation is my passion and so is writing. I often combine both to enlighten those who share my passion.

      I have ghost written a number of articles and have been published in reputed journals.

      I am keen to feature a guest post on your blog as it would do wonders for my portfolio. I realized it was time I stopped ghost-writing for others and built an online reputation for myself.

      Here are a few ideas that I feel will blend in perfectly with the flavor of your website:

      1) Things airlines can do to minimize flight delays
      2) What is aviation market intelligence and how it can help airlines’
      3) How airlines can increase customer loyalty and attract new business
      4) 5 Really effective tools that can help airline companies grow their business
      5) Best travel apps available today
      6) 7 Reasons why aviation data is so important for airline companies

      If you aren’t too crazy about the ideas I have suggested, you could always suggest one of your own and I shall be happy to write it.

      I sincerely hope your reply is in the positive.

      Williams Barry

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