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50 States in 30 Days

I have always wanted to visit every state in the USA and I know that if I put it off it will never actually happen. So in September of 2014, the month after I graduate from College, I will be visiting all 50 states in a single month. What does this have to do with aviation? That's right, I'll be doing it all on commercial airlines. Stay tuned for updates.... Tentative Schedules (As of 6-26-2012) Sept 1: Rochester, NY – Philadelphia – Portland, ME (US Airways) Sept 2: Portland, ME –  LaGuardia – Burlington, VT (Delta) Sept 3: Burlington, VT – Orlando – Houston (JetBlue/United) Sept 4: Houston – New Orleans – Atlanta – Manchester, NH (United/Delta) Sept 5: Manchester, NH – Newark – Charlotte (United) Sept 6: Charlotte – Cleveland – Indianapolis (United) Sept 7: Indianapolis – Chicago O’Hare – Des Moines (United) Sept 8: Des Moines – Milwaukee – Baltimore (AirTran) Sept 9: Baltimore – Newark – Providence, RI (United) Sept 10: Providence – Detroit – Kansas City, MO (Delta) Sept 11: Kansas City, MO – Phoenix – Las Vegas (US Airways) Sept 12: Las Vegas – Portland, OR – Billings, MT (Alaska Airlines) Sept 13: Billings, MT – Seattle – Boise (Alaska Airlines) Sept 14: Boise – San Francisco – Honolulu (United) Sept 15-16: Honolulu – Anchorage (Alaska Airlines) Sept 17: Anchorage – Salt Lake City – Albuquerque (Delta) Sept 18: Denver – Cheyenne, WY (Great Lakes Airlines) Sept 19: Cheyenne, WY – Denver – Omaha ( United) Sept 20: Omaha – Denver – Oklahoma City – Dallas – Little Rock (Frontier/American) Sept 21: Little Rock – Atlanta – Minneapolis – Bismarck, ND (Delta) Sept 22: Bismarck, ND – Denver – Wichita (United) Sept 23: Wichita – Denver – Sioux Falls, SD – O’Hare – Louisville (United/American) Sept 24: Louisville – Memphis – Jackson, MI – Memphis – Washington Reagan (Delta) Sept 25: Washington Reagan – Birmingham – Charlotte – Charleston, SC (US Airways) Sept 26: Charleston, SC – Charlotte – Charleston, WV (US Airways) Sept 27: Charleston, WV – Washington Dulles – Boston (United) Sept 28: Boston – Washington Reagan – Windsor Locks, CT (US Airways) Sept 29: Windsor Locks, CT – Washington Reagan (US Airways) *****Somehow Flying from DC to Delaware, which as of right now has no commercial service, also on this day. I’ll fly a Cessna myself if I have to.***** Sept 30: Washington Reagan – Rochester, NY (US Airways)    


  1. Daniel Woodhurst Daniel Woodhurst
    July 11, 2012    

    Thats awesome dude good luck

    • thirtythousand thirtythousand
      July 11, 2012    

      Thanks, I appreciate it!

  2. Erica Williams Erica Williams
    February 6, 2013    

    Im thinking about 50 states this year also. I want to see if you accomplish it yet, if so do you have any advice.

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