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Around the World in 13 Days: How I’ll be Spending my Summer

Lately it seems like I am either working, travelling, or planning where I am going to travel next. Anyone close to me knows that I am constantly planning crazy trips around the world, to Alaska, to the Moon and everywhere else. Obviously, most of these never materialize. Well, this semester I am changing that. In the last couple of months I have already flown across the Atlantic 10 times totaling over 40,000 miles. Yes, that's almost 2 times around the world. This Summer I have a couple of months in between the time my Co-op work semester ends and when I have to start Summer Classes. What better to do with that time than travel around the world? It's official. It's booked. It's going to happen. This May I will be visiting 5 countries, spending about 50 hours in the air, and covering a distance of 23,000 miles. I will get to try out one of the most unique airlines in the world and fly onboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. (assuming they stop catching on fire) Slide1 My journey will begin with the longest leg of my trip, a 16 hour flight from Atlanta to the megalopolis of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates onboard a Delta B777-200LR. Dubai is a place that I have been wanting to visit ever since I first heard about it. I will be spending about 3 days there before trying out an airline that I have always wanted to. I will be leaving Dubai for Doha, Qatar on the world renowned Qatar Airways where I will be spending a 24 hour layover before continuing onto the small island nation of Singapore. Right now my flight from Dubai to Doha is scheduled to utilize the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. I am really hoping that Boeing finds a solution to the battery problem before then so I can try out this brand new aircraft, albeit on a 50 minute flight. My flight from Doha to Singapore will be on one of Qatar's semi-new Boeing 777-300ER's, my first time flying the "W." After spending about a day and a half in Singapore I will be moving onto Tokyo, Japan, flying into the Narita Airport aboard another Delta B777-200LR. I hope to do a lot of airport spotting at both Tokyo-Narita and Tokyo-Haneda as well as touring the city during my 3 day stay there. I will be flying out of the Haneda airport since it is closer to downtown going thru Los Angeles on Delta's B767-300ER. Then I will get on whatever flight I can out of LAX to get back to Atlanta, 13 days after leaving. I can't wait to get started on this trip and visit both the Middle East and Asia for the first time. Please let me know of any "Must Sees" in these cities if you have been there before. I will be sure to provide updates as I go along and will definitely have a lot to write about when I get back.


  1. Tom Tom
    April 15, 2013    

    What a GREAT Trip!! Anxious to see all the pictures you take.
    I visited Singpapore in 1988 and stayed at the tall hotel just left of center with the tall rectangular window sections…..sorry forgot the name. A beautiful view of the Singapore Bay area and all the ships waiting to transit the Strait of Malacca (the passage to/from the Indian Ocean.

    A famous place to visit is the Raffles Hotel…..very high class and rumored to be the originator of the famous “Singapore Sling”.

    Singapore was one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever visited.

    Enjoy your trip!!


    • Kyle Dunst Kyle Dunst
      April 15, 2013    

      Thanks! I will be sure to check the Raffles Hotel out! I’m glad you liked it there and I’m sure I will too.

  2. April 28, 2013    

    Sounds like a great trip Kyle. You can see a lot in 3 days in Dubai, but I would make sure indoor skiing is on your list. Also if you’re a foodie like I am, afternoon tea at the top of the Burj al Arab is worth the $130 cost (you do need to email them ahead of time for reservations though).

    I haven’t been to Doha, but I have heard great things. Just be prepared for both Dubai and Doha to be unbearably hot. Although they are surrounded by desert, the Arabian countries are incredibly humid. Regardless, you prob won’t see too much rain except for a rare passing thunderstorm.

    As for Tokyo, I think you need more time to really appreciate Japan.

    Have an awesome trip…and thanks for the comment on my site.

    • Kyle Dunst Kyle Dunst
      April 28, 2013    

      It’s funny you mention that about the Burj al Arab. It was already on my list to do exactly that! And now it looks like I’m going to have a stopover in Hong Kong instead of Doha since I’m going to fly Cathay Pacific instead of Qatar. Thanks for reading!

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