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Frontier Airlines Makes Delaware the 50th State With Commercial Flights

About a year ago I wrote an article about the fact that only 49 states saw commercial airline service. This came as a surprise to many who couldn't imagine an entire state not having an airport big enough for even a single regional route. That state was Delaware but all that is about to change..... Frontier Airlines announced this week that commercial airline service will resume at Delaware's New Castle Airport. The Low Cost Carrier's return to the airport will serve as the first regularly scheduled commercial air service to the state in almost 5 years. Delta Air Lines tried to make the airport work a while ago but was forced to pull its flights to Atlanta after just a short period of time. The state's close proximity to several major airline hubs makes it hard for a small airport to be successful. With the high airfares that passengers face, they don't mind driving 45 minutes to Philadelphia, or even farther to the Washington DC or New York area airports to save money. When I first heard of the news that Frontier would start service to New Castle I was expecting a once daily flight to its Milwaukee hub or maybe a popular vacation destination in Florida. As it turns out, the airline actually plans to make the airport a Focus City. The airline plans to deploy Airbus A320's (the largest aircraft they fly) on flights to Chicago, Houston, Orlando, and its Denver hub beginning July 1st. Frontier recently started flights to Trenton-Mercer Airport in New Jersey, which previously had no commercial airline service. The airline says those flights are doing very well and are proving to be profitable. Hopefully Frontier can capitalize on the fact that they have no competition at the airport and will be successful in their new route expansion.

Frontier Airlines A319 departing Atlanta. (Photo by Kyle Dunst)



  1. April 11, 2013    

    Really cool picture. I think one of your best.

  2. Edmund L. Rivera Edmund L. Rivera
    April 11, 2013    

    I guess the A319 is perfect? Ridership is their?

  3. Edmund L. Rivera Edmund L. Rivera
    April 11, 2013    

    A320′ s means that pax numbers are their? Good luck Frontier•

  4. Edmund Edmund
    April 11, 2013    

    Great pic- Love to see old Frontier colors on a A319 , A320.

  5. Tom Tom
    April 12, 2013    

    An interesting article Kyle…..Nice Work!!

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