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Guest Post – Don’t forget the Luxuries: Top Five Unforgettable Items

With so much literature online to make reference to, packing the essentials for your cruising trip should be a doddle. Packing the necessities to last you the duration, while making a compromise and not over-filling your cases can be a piece of cake. But whether you’re boarding the P&O Ventura to the Caribbean or any of the sister P&O Cruises to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, packing a few items that will ensure the ultimate pleasantries is crucial. Take a look at some of the most popular items that are often missed off the packing checklist, and regretted if they’re forgotten. Headphones are often forgotten, whereas they can be infinitely useful during the cruise and also the flight to the home port. You can also get noise cancelling ones too, which are fabulous if all you want to do is kick back and relax whilst listening to your favourite tunes, without inflicting your music on other passengers and blocking out the racket from your surroundings. A Camera is an absolute must. You’ll need more than a camera phone on a memorable holiday like this one. Make sure you take a spare SD card too, just in case you get snap happy. A charger is also handy, considering the battery life can often leave a lot to be desired. SLR cameras allow for low light shots as well as capturing flitting moments – much more precise than your camera phone or disposable point and click. A Kindle is a fantastic way of taking plenty of books with you without worrying about how much space they will take up in your baggage. It will ease the cruising days and also the down time, no problem. An Extension Lead – it may sound like a bit of a weird one, but if you’re a gadget freak with plenty of electricals to charge or power, an extension lead could come in super handy. Seasickness Tablets are an absolute must too, particular if you go a little green around the gills until you have found your sea legs! Book one of the popular P&O cruises today and look forward to a trip of a lifetime, having remembered all of your essential items.

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