• Southwest’s Newest Promotion: Charging your Credit Card Multiple Times

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    Upon Southwest’s Facebook Page reaching 3 Million Fans, the airline decided to create a promotion featuring Half Price fares to thank its loyal customers and “Friends”. The promotion quickly turned into a rather large inconvenience instead, as passengers credit card’s were charged multiple times for the same reservation.

    Southwest’s “luv2like” promotion was meant to award customers with half off discounts on certain airfares booked on Friday. Instead, it turned out to be a hassle for both the airline and the hundreds of passengers who took advantage of it. The multiple charges, which the company said was due to a technical glitch in one of the companies computers, charged passengers credit cards several times for a single reservation. There were rumors on Facebook and other Travel Blogs of passengers being charged upwards of 15 times. This led to several canceled cards, empty checking accounts, and maxed out credit limits. Even worse, so many people were trying to contact Customer Service that waits to speak to a representative were in the 2 hour range. Passengers will have to wait about a week before they get refunds which many are finding upsetting. I don’t blame them.

    Southwest issued a Press Release Saturday providing some updated information about the error, and what passengers should do. The airline has brought in extra staff to help with talking to customers and ensuring that those who need to be refunded are in a timely manner. The airline also said that it will reimburse customers for any overdraft fees that were incurred.

    Hopefully the “Sorry our last promotion went terribly wrong” Promotion will go a little smoother.


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