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San Antonio Airport Evacuated amid Bomb Threat

The San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) has been evacuated after airport officials received at least one bomb threat. The airport spokesman has said that a "very specific" threat was made but hasn't provided any details yet. All the passengers in the terminals were evacuated onto the airport tarmac. They have since been bussed to the non-secure area of Terminal B, which has been cleared. All airplanes are stranded away from the gate areas on taxiways and the ramp. In a Press Conference just a few minutes ago, the San Antonio Police Chief has said that 3 cars were found in the lower level of the parking garage that are believed to contain explosives. The SAPD Bomb Squad is currently investigating the cars. All outbound flights are currently delayed. No word yet on when airport operations will resume. A live stream of the Press Conferences and updates are available on KSAT.com. I'll also provide updates here as they're available. Update: 4:59 PM Eastern The San Antonio Police Chief has announced that 2 of the 3 cars of interest have been investigated and cleared. They are still searching a 3rd car believed to possibly contain explosives. Both Terminals have also been cleared and passengers are beginning to make their way back into them. Flight still aren't leaving. Update 5:05 PM Eastern An AirTran jet has now moved to the gate area and several other airlines are now started up and moving. All clear has still not been given. Update 5:11 PM Eastern Airport officials are reporting that both Terminals have been swept and cleared for passengers to return. The fire department is saying that only Terminal B has been cleared. A few airliners have returned to Terminal B. Airport Operations officials have said to expect several long delays and cancellations. TSA has not reopened checkpoints yet. Passengers only allowed in non-secure side of the terminals. Update 5:19 PM Eastern Security Lines have now been opened and passengers are making their way back to the gate areas. It looks like airport operations are back to normal. Airliners are now parked at gates in both terminals. Luckily, it looks like there were no explosives found.  Stay tuned for any major updates.

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