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More a380’s for JFK

New York - John F. Kennedy International Airport, which sees more Airbus a380's than any other Airport in the United States, is due to see even more of the type starting next year. Emirates Airline of Dubai is adding a second daily a380 flight on the JFK - DXB route. This additional a380 will replace the Boeing 777-300ER currently used. The new service will make Emirates the first airline in the world with more than 1 daily a380 flight to a single United States City. The service is set to begin on January 1st, 2013. Emirates' a380's offer many attractive amenities including 14 First Class Private Suites, 2 shower spas, and a lounge with sofas and a flat screen TV. The aircraft can hold about 500 passengers total. John F Kennedy, New York's largest airport, is no stranger to the a380. The airport already see's a380's from Air France, Lufthansa, Korean Air, and Emirates. A video went viral last year after an Air France a380 departing to Paris struck a Delta Connection Regional Jet as it was taxiing.


  1. Pete Pfaender Pete Pfaender
    July 6, 2012    

    Does anyone know what other U.S. airports the A380 lands at?

    • thirtythousand thirtythousand
      July 6, 2012    

      LAX gets a380s from Singapore, Qantas, Korean and Air France. SFO gets them from Lufthansa. Miami and Washington-Dulles also see the type. Lufthansa is beginning a380 service from Frankfurt-Houston Bush on August 1st!

  2. Thomas Marks Thomas Marks
    July 7, 2012    

    Hey so does JFK . You got Lufthansa, Air France, Korean, and starting soon 2 A380 flights on Emerits.

  3. CW CW
    July 7, 2012    

    Great article update. Thank you.
    Regarding your line: “The new service will make Emirates the first airline in the world with more than 1 daily a380 flight to a single United States City.”

    Doesn’t Qantas have multiple A380s going to LAX daily (Sydney and Melbourne)?

    Thank you.

    • thirtythousand thirtythousand
      July 7, 2012    

      Hey there. Yeah you’re completely right. What I meant was that it will be the first route (Airport X – Airport Y) with more than 1 daily a380. Sorry for the confusion and Thanks for reading!

      • CW CW
        July 8, 2012    

        My pleasure.
        Thank you for your dedication.
        Figured there was a different interpretation.
        Have a great week!

  4. Pete Pfaender Pete Pfaender
    July 9, 2012    

    Thank you to all of your responses to where in the U.S. the A380 lands. Great job to all.

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