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Penny4NASA: Sign the Petition to Save NASA

Without help from the Citizens of the United States, NASA will soon be a thing of the past. Watch the video, Sign the petition, and spread the word to help save one of the most important organizations of all time. Penny4NASA.org


  1. Neil Slater Neil Slater
    June 6, 2012    

    I’m not in the USA, but live in Canada, where the Canadarm came from. I have been fortunate enough to meet, and be inspired by, several Canadian astronauts who flew on the Space Shuttle. And while I can’t vote for anyone who would help save NASA, I can suggest that not one penny of NASA’s budget was spent in space; it was all spent on Earth, creating work and opportunities for American people and companies, and the tirckle-down effect helps companies around the world.

    NASA’s budget doesn’t go to create minefields, or special new weapons (at least, not directly), but inventions and developments that have come from the space program have changed our world, have led to further understanding of our world, our solar system, our universe. And now that there are teams of scientists living semi-permanently IN space, conducting experiments IN space, and sending the results back to Earth, it’s time to recognize the value of space, the opportunities in space, and the benefits to the USA, and to all the world, of expanding, not slashing, NASA’s budget.

  2. Kirsten Kirsten
    December 8, 2013    

    NASA has been a terrible waste of unknown trillions of american dollars. Universal health care for all your citizens would have been a far better idea. Horrendous waste…… which has produced nothing of value to humanity in general. It is good that it is finally coming to an end.

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