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Death Toll Rises to 163 in Nigerian MD-83 Crash

At least 163 people have been killed in one of Africa's deadliest airliner crashes ever. This past weekend, a Dana Airlines Ltd. McDonnell Douglas MD-83 crashed while on final approach to Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Nigeria's largest city of Lagos. The aircraft was operating as Dana flight 992 from Abuja. Of the 153 passengers and crew onboard, there were no survivors. At least an additional 10 people were killed on the ground, as the plane crashed into a populated area. The pilot of the medium sized jet aircraft is believed to have been a United States citizen.

5N-JAI, the aircraft that crashed in Lagos. (Photo from Planespotters.net)

The aircraft, which was previously operated by Alaska Airlines, has a history of in flight incidents. In 2010, it was forced to land after hitting birds after takeoff in Lagos. It has also experienced smoke in the cockpit due to electrical problems on two separate occasions since it was built in 1990.

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