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Want to fly on a Jumbo Jet? Don’t have a Passport?

If you are an aviation enthusiast like me, you probably want to fly on a "Heavy" whenever you get a chance. Even if you aren't leaving the country, you still may be able to do that.

American Airlines Boeing 767 Arriving to New York - JFK from Los Angeles in March 2011. American previously operated a 777 in addition to the several 767's on this route. (Photo by Kyle Dunst)

Widebody aircraft are usually associated with long haul flights to places like Europe or Asia. These "heavy" jumbo-jets are used on such long flights because of their extended range, comfort, and luxurious First and Business Classes. However, chances are that with a little bit of flexibility, and not minding at least a couple of layovers, you may be able to fly on a jumbo-jet, such as the Boeing 777 or 767, on your next domestic trip. Airlines place these aircraft on some of their busiest routes, as a way to shuttle as many people as possible between hubs. Here is a look at some Widebody routes within the United States: KATL (Atlanta, GA) - KLAX (Los Angeles, CA): Delta Airlines operates a Boeing 777-200LR each day between these airports . The aircraft then continues on to Sydney, Australia. KATL (Atlanta, GA) - KDTW (Detroit, MI) Delta Airlines operates a Boeing 777-200LR at least once a week between these airports in addition to several 767's. During the busiest travel seasons, Delta puts at least one 777 or a330 on this route each day. KJFK (New York, NY) - KLAX (Los Angeles, CA): Australia based Qantas has a daily flight between these airports on Boeing 747-400's. Not sure if you can book a flight between these two, or if you have to fly all the way on to Australia. KORD (Chicago, IL) - KDEN (Denver, CO): United Airlines operates a Boeing 777 almost every day between these airports. KLAX (Los Angeles, CA) - KMIA (Miami, FL): American Airlines operates a daily Boeing 777-200 Flight between these airports. KORD (Chicago, IL) - KIAD (Washington, DC): Although not regularly scheduled, I frequently notice United Airlines utilizing Boeing 777's on this route, as it is between 2 of their biggest hubs. Delta Airlines operates Domestic Boeing 767's between several airports including Atlanta, Detroit, New York - Kennedy, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Phoenix, Boston, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale. American Airlines operates Domestic Boeing 767's between several airports including New York - Kennedy, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, and San Diego. United Airlines operates Domestic Boeing 767's between several airports including Houston, Newark, Chicago, Washington Dulles, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. U.S. Airways operates at least one Boeing 767 a day between Charlotte and Philadelphia. I have seen these flights upgraded to an Airbus a330 on several occasions during peak travel times. Comment here if you know of any others!  


  1. June 2, 2012    

    You have to continue to Australia to fly on Qantas’ flight between JFK and LAX. Delta offers 767-300 service between ATL-LAX/SAN/SEA/SFO/SJU/SLC, DTW-LAX/SFO, MSP-SEA, HNL-LAX/SLC, 767-300ER service between ATL-JFK/PDX/SEA, Boeing 777-200LR service between ATL-LAX, and Airbus A330-300 service between ATL-HNL.

  2. Seth Seth
    June 26, 2012    

    isn’t that an American Airlines 767 in the picture at the top of this story? Regardless, this is a great website!

    • thirtythousand thirtythousand
      June 26, 2012    

      You’re right! Nice catch. I’ll change the caption. Thanks for visiting thirtythousand!

  3. Mark alfarone Mark alfarone
    July 9, 2015    

    Really enjoyed your article on flying on jumbo jets on domestic flights. I was wondering if you might have an update on more flights since 2012. That would really be a help as I only want to fly on a jumbo jet. The flight I’m looking for would be from central Florida to either Phoenix or southern California. I don’t want to fly on any smaller Jets because of an anxiety problem and a pretty good case of claustrophobia. Thank you so much for your help.


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