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Shortest Jet Routes in the United States

Yesterday, as I was coming home from college for the Summer I had the chance to fly one of the shortest jet routes in the country. The 83 mile flight from CSG (Columbus, Georgia) to ATL lasted a whopping 20 minutes. I'm pretty sure it took longer to taxi to the gate in Atlanta than we were actually in the air. The flight got me thinking about what other short haul jet routes are out there. I did some research and this is what I found. KCSG (Columbus, GA) - KATL (Atlanta, GA): Delta Express, operated by ExpressJet / Atlantic Southeast operates 4 daily flights utilizing CRJ-200's. The flights are 83 miles and last about 20 minutes. KFNT (Flint, MI) - KDTW (Detroit, MI): Delta Express, operated by Pinnacle Airlines, operates about 2 daily flights utilizing CRJ-200's. The flights are 56 miles and last about 15 minutes. These flights can be as short as 8 minutes! KESC (Escanaba, MI) - KIMT (Iron Mountain, MI): Delta Express, operated by Pinnacle Airlines, operates 2 daily flights utilizing CRJ-200's. The flights are 50 miles and last about 10 minutes. KSBN (South Bend, IN) - KORD (Chicago, IL): United Express operates 6 daily flights utilizing various CRJ's and E-145's. The flights are 84 miles and last about 20 minutes. KSBA (Santa Barbara, CA) - KLAX (Los Angeles, CA): American Eagle operates 6 daily flights on E-145's and CRJ-700's. The flights are 89 miles and last about 20 minutes. Please comment if you know of any others!


  1. May 29, 2012    

    US used to fly DC-9s ITH-ELM-PIT, stopping just to pick up pax at ELM. I don’t think you could buy an ITH-ELM ticket, but it was 32 miles!

  2. Clayton Clayton
    May 29, 2012    

    KRST (Rochester, MN)-KMSP (Minneapolis, MN): Delta Connection operates 4 daily flights using CRJ-200’s on this 84 mile, 25 minute route.

  3. Jamar Jamar
    May 29, 2012    

    Daily I see a Fed Ex A300 fly from LAX over Malibu and Land at Burbank 22 Miles 5 min flight. The Also used to Fly from Long Beach to LAX 19 Miles

    • frank1711 frank1711
      May 30, 2012    

      The FedEx is a equipment repositioning flight. Should those count for this conversation? Whatever you opinion that is a very short flight but it still takes longer to drive the dreaded 405.

  4. J Ed J Ed
    May 29, 2012    

    San Juan (SJU) to St Thomas (STT). 80 miles and 21min. Operated by Jetblue E-190.

  5. Alex Alex
    May 29, 2012    

    Pinnacle Airlines for Delta flies a CRJ-200 from KCAK-KDTW. The flight only last about 15-20 mins. If the weather is nice you fly right over Cedar Point, Sandusky, Put-In-Bay and Kelly Islands and have a great view of Canada.

  6. Bobby Bobby
    May 29, 2012    

    CLT (Charlotte) to Asheville, Spartanburg, SC, and Greensboro, NC are all under 35 minutes, All operated by Regional Jets

  7. Michael Michael
    May 29, 2012    

    KORD (Chicago, IL) – KMKE (Milwaukee, WI): Both American Connection / American Eagle and United Express operated by SkyWest Airlines fly this route. It is 69 miles, and takes about 15 minutes. American Connection / American Eagle fly ERJ-145’s while SkyWest uses CRJ-200 aircraft on this route.

    • mark mark
      May 30, 2012    

      UA and AA used to fly MKE-ORD with 737s and 727s in the 90s..Also in the 80s Republic used to fly DC9s between OSH-GRB and MKE a distance of 50 and 80 mi

      • Stuart Gilbert Stuart Gilbert
        May 30, 2012    

        Long time ago, I flew on Air Wisconsin BAe 146 or Bac 1-11 between Appleton to Green Bay it took about 7 minutes flight.

  8. Alex Alex
    May 29, 2012    

    I’ve seen UPS flights from Providence, RI (KPVD) to Hartford, CT (KBDL) which add up to a grand total of 68 miles in 18 minutes of flight time.

  9. Kevin Kevin
    May 29, 2012    

    PHL (philadelphia) to ABE (Allentown) US Airways Express

  10. Ingrid Ingrid
    May 29, 2012    

    COS to DEN, 96 miles – 10-15 minutes – regional jets

    • N646AWAirbus N646AWAirbus
      May 30, 2012    

      I agree. This has got to be the shortest route, COS/DEN trips. Now operated by CRJs for UA or a mix of E170s, E190s or a Q400 on the Frontier side of the house…taxi time can be longer then the actual flight time. United was running a B733 or B735 at times a few years back up to an A320 and even a B752 I believe once when I was working at COS.

      • Conor Ball Conor Ball
        May 30, 2012    

        Frontier now has flights from KCOS-KSEA. and KCOS-KLAS

      • Rob Rob
        May 30, 2012    

        I took a flight from Colorado Springs to Denver. I believe it was about 15 minutes in the air – CRJ-700 The runway configuration that day made it a direct shot north. It was almost as if we were skimming the ground the whole time. It was pretty awesome!

  11. blueashflyer blueashflyer
    May 29, 2012    

    COMAIR used to fly CRJ regional jets from Cincinnati CVG to Dayton DAY. Flight time was 13 minutes, jet never climbed above 10,000 ft. If you were lucky, northbound departure from Rwy 36 CVG, by the time the jet hit 10,000 it was time to descend straight approach Rwy 36 DAY.

  12. bones bones
    May 29, 2012    

    allentown to philly is 56 miles and 24 minute flight – daily on a crj 100

  13. Tim G in MN Tim G in MN
    May 29, 2012    

    I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Miami on a DC-6 in 1977… about 22 miles…does that count?

    • Lanny Lanny
      July 30, 2012    

      It the late ’70’s early ’80’s Eastern use to do that hop. I did it quite a few times as a kid.

  14. frederick pierce frederick pierce
    May 29, 2012    

    roa to lwb, 10 minutess actual flight time.

  15. John John
    May 30, 2012    

    The flight from Milwaukee, WI (MKE) to Madison WI (MSN)

  16. May 30, 2012    

    TWA had a scheduled jet flight from OAK to SFO. I know, it was my first leg as an F/O!!!! Usually a 5 minute leg…record was 3 minutes.

    • January 16, 2017    

      Yes i remember TWA had the San Jose to SFO before ocontinuing on to JFK. Now higher than 3000 ft and 3 to 5 minutes. I took that a few times, Seems like a guy named Heaston flew that a few times.

  17. Rob Rob
    May 30, 2012    

    Continental/Air Micronesia used to operate a B727 in scheduled service from Saipan to Tinian, a distance of less than 10 miles.

  18. Mike W Mike W
    May 30, 2012    

    Flew the Flint to Detroit flight in pre-Delta – Northwest. The last one that I flew used a airbus A-320, got up to about 8000 to 9000 feet
    before entering approach.

  19. Kevin Kevin
    May 30, 2012    

    MCO-RSW (Orlando – Fort Myers Florida) flight is 40 minutes gate to gate, considering if you fly to orlando you have to wait 3 – 4 hours for a 40 minute flight ugh

    737-300, 500, 700 Southwest Airlines

  20. William Morgan William Morgan
    May 30, 2012    

    Cincinnati Ohio to Lexington Kentucky––approximately 84 miles

  21. Armando Armando
    May 30, 2012    

    Cubana de Aviacion flies a Iliushin 96 from MUVR to MUHA (Varadero/Havana), The flight is about 15 mins.

  22. Armando Armando
    May 30, 2012    

    Cubana de Aviacion flies a Iliushin 96 from MUVR to MUHA (Varadero/Havana), The flight is about 15 mins. 50nm. Deperting west direction gonna fliht at 6000 ft and no more than 10 mins. The Landing briefing should be performed before start up

  23. da' fixer da' fixer
    May 30, 2012    

    How about the reverse…Norfolk, VA (ORF) to Newport News, VA (PHF). It’s 27 miles and 38 minutes via interstate and auto across the river. All flights leave ORF and stop in Philly, then back down to PHF. Average flight time is 3 hrs+. Average cost is $500.00. Go figure.

  24. Ed Ed
    May 30, 2012    

    Years ago used to pick up a North Central DC-9-15 in Eau Claire to Madison…’bout 100 miles and 18 minutes….

  25. Sam Sam
    May 30, 2012    

    I’ve flown the TucsonPhoenix 20 minute flight before: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/ASH2834/history/20120530/0445Z/KPHX/KTUS

  26. May 30, 2012    

    Like Tim G., “back in the day” we used to fly the L-1011 Tristar and B-727 from MIA to FLL to position for the next day’s first flight to ATL (Delta). 22 NM, tower to tower. We hardly had time to finish the After Takeoff Checklist before it was time for the Landing Checklist!

  27. May 30, 2012    

    San Francisco to Oakland. It never even retracted the landing gear.

  28. Tyler Tyler
    May 30, 2012    

    Delta flies a CRJ200 from Minneapolis to Duluth Minnesota. The flight is about 25-30 minutes.

  29. Russell Russell
    May 30, 2012    

    I once flew on a Delta L1011 flight from KMIA to KFLL, 8 minutes.

  30. Thomas Marks Thomas Marks
    May 30, 2012    

    In 1985 I flew on my last day with my airline before I was being laid off . I was flying from JFK -ISP on a Ranesome or Pan Express Dash-7. It was 38 miles and it took 15min.

    • Thomas Marks Thomas Marks
      May 30, 2012    

      Sorry for the misspelled words. I was Ransome Airlines or Pan Am Express . Thanks

  31. CH CH
    May 30, 2012    

    The DEN-COS-DEN flights by United Air Lines were occasioanlly operated by a DC-10 in the late 1990’s.

    • BobW BobW
      May 30, 2012    

      KCOS-KDEN is being served bu UA Express/Skywest. 67 Miles and averages 17 minutes. Allegedly the best time is 11 minutes, and I took one flight that was 12 mins 19 secs wheels-up-to-wheels-down.

  32. pat baker pat baker
    May 30, 2012    

    there used to be jet service betweeen Fort Lauderdale and Miami International- a short drive up I-95,

  33. May 30, 2012    

    there used to be jet service between Fort Lauderdale and Miami International- a short drive up I-95 on good days……..

  34. Thomas Marks Thomas Marks
    May 30, 2012    

    I know it was not a jet. American Eagle had flight from JFK-PVD, but stopped in LGA. The JFK-LGA could not take passengers for that segment , though some flight crews would get on to pick up their cars. The Shorts 330 would call off their times , then they would call LGA that they were in range. It was only 10 miles and flight time was 5 minutes.

  35. Stuart Gilbert Stuart Gilbert
    May 30, 2012    

    I see sometimes Delta fly a ferry flight from JFK to LGA in 4 to 6 minutes flight on an MD-80 or 737-800.

  36. Layton Layton
    May 30, 2012    

    United Express had for a short time a CRJ on the Dulles-Charlottesville route- 76 nm. The Saabs that fly the route today don’t get over FL080.

  37. Brackeen Brackeen
    May 31, 2012    

    Early 1970’s while flying for Air California ( since acquired by AAL) we operated SNA-SJC-OAK. The SJC-OAK leg is 32 miles. We filed it Tower to Tower..the Departure and Arrival runways both oriented NW. Climbed to 3000 ft into the ILS 29 at OAK. Under 10 minutes.

  38. Don Don
    May 31, 2012    

    Waaaay back when Texas International Airlines was still around (like in the late 1970’s), they had a short hopper from Midland, Texas, to San Angelo with DC-9’s. Don’t recall the distance, but the flight attendants never left their seats, and as soon as you reached “cruising” altitiude, you started your descent. Can’t have lasted more than 20 minutes tops.

  39. Matthew Justice Matthew Justice
    June 2, 2012    

    I remember a flight I took from Cincinnati (KCVG) to Lexington (KLEX) on a Delta connection flight it was only 60.7 miles. The funny part is that I was working in Cincinnati at the time but it was way cheaper to fly to Lexington. So, I flew to Lexington via Cincinnati and rented a car to drive back to Cincinnati. I remember doing the same thing once for a KDEN to KCOS since Colorado Springs was much cheaper to fly to.

  40. June 5, 2012    

    On the way from Kallispell (FCA) to Salt Lake City, Delta stopped in Missoula, which is about 83 nm, and maybe 15 minutes, at 10’000 (about
    6,000 agl), over Flathead lake, with the Swan and Bitterroot Range at eye level, and the an almost aerobatic mountain-dodging approach into Missoula’s runway 29, very high workload for the pilots. I don’t remember anyone deplaning at MSO, we just took on pax, and went to SLC.

  41. Seth Seth
    June 8, 2012    

    Washington Dulles to Roanoke Va on EMB 135 or CRJ 200 by united express takes 28 mins.

  42. Adam Adam
    July 9, 2015    

    I flew on a WOPPING 15 minute flight from San Francisco (KSFO) down to Monterey (KMRY)

  43. Adam Adam
    July 9, 2015    

    United Airlines operating as Sky West

  44. Jared Jared
    August 1, 2015    

    Chicago KORD to Grand Rapids KGRR takes only 20 minutes in as little as 15 minutes. Multiple airlines fly this route with about 2-5 flights a day using erj-145 and erj-135 jets. Not including taxiing times.

  45. Vinod B. Vinod B.
    November 11, 2015    

    Until 2004, Continental used to operate multiple free daily shuttles between Houston Intercontinental and Ellington Field. Both airports are within the Houston metropolitan area and the distance is 25nm.

  46. Name Name
    December 6, 2015    

    KGSP-KCLT takes a total of… 16 minutes! So long!

  47. Grant Levy Grant Levy
    December 14, 2016    


    25-30 mins

  48. JG JG
    February 4, 2017    

    I flew IAD-BWI on UA maybe 15-20 years ago. 58 miles, and we made one turn out of IAD, direct into BWI. Flight was about 15 mins. It was longer to get the manifest or taxi than in the air.

  49. Blah Blah
    March 6, 2017    

    United express (operated by Skywest) San Francisco to Sacramento- 86 miles, 25 mins (scheduled to take 50 mins!)
    United express (operated by Skywest) San Francisco to Monterey- 75 miles, 25 mins (scheduled to take 45 mins!)

  50. EB EB
    March 14, 2017    

    Alaska airlines flies Petersburg-Wrangell with a Boeing 737 daily. 30 miles! About 14min in the air

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